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RESOLVED: IX2: Scrolling up triggers scroll down animations on Safari + iOS devices



Thanks so much for looking into this. I don’t have any way to really test other phones right now, but I am going to bet you are correct that this is a Safari issue. Unfortunately, since every iPhone defaults to Safari that could be a big deal. I really hate that Safari “bounce” to start with, now I hate it more! :slight_smile:

I hope there is a solution/workaround! Thanks again for looking into this issue.




My pleasure to help! I’ll be sure to post updates as I hear back from the team :slight_smile:



Hi There

I submitted a design issue I had last week and turns out it looks like a bug, so resubmitting this a bug. Can someone from the team help please :slight_smile:

Hi There

I’ve been working through the tutorial to make my nav bar disappear on down scroll and appear on up scroll. All working well on preview. All good on all sizes and mobiles once published, including HTC Mobile, however on my A1524 - iPhone 6 Plus, the Nav keep getting pushed up / Disappearing when I get to the very top of the page. On my iPhone only. Can you help? Thank you for your help in advance.



Sorry, please see a working link to the project, Thank you



I am using the new hide/show menu on scroll trick using Interactions 2.0. So far it works fairly well, besides having to add a class on duplicate elements, I ran into a frustrating issue. On mobile, when scrolling back to the top of the page, once the hero section is visible the screen does a slight “bounce” and then the menu hides from view as if the page has started to scroll down again. Is there a fix for this?


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Thanks for passing this on. I mentioned the same behavior here… Show / Hide Nav on Scroll Safari Bug

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Hey all, I’m having trouble with the show/hide nav based on the IX2 tutorial. Things work fine when previewing in the designer and in Chrome, but in Safari the nav slides away when you scroll to the top of the page.

Here’s the published page. To me, this feels like a problem with Safari’s scroll because it works when I click and drag the scroll bar. The bug shows up when I scroll the page with my mouse.

Here’s a video of it in action…

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Bump. Anybody know what’s causing this?



Bump - having the same issue



Thanks for letting me know @md673 and @Rowananye! I merged that topic here as well so everyone will be notified when this is resolved! :slight_smile:

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@Brando- do you know if there has been any progress made on this?



Hi @kbowman

I don’t have anything to report at this time. I appreciate your patience while we investigate!



I was able to reproduce this behavior on iPhones when using Safari. It looks like this is the only combination that produces this issue—were you able to see this issue on any other devices/browser?

No, this is occurring on Safari desktop and iOS (both iPad and iPhone).



I’m having this issue too. And it’s annoying as f*$#.



Hi Brando, hope you are well. Just touching base to see expected time to have this bug fixed, mostly because of project deadlines. Appreciated as always. Thank you.



Hi everyone - Webflow engineer here. I figured out where the issue is, and it looks like Safari’s elastic scrolling is causing scroll up/down actions to misfire. I’m currently working on a fix, and hoping to have something ready for you all soon!



@Saff Thanks for following up! I don’t have any updates for you at this time. I can tell you this issue will be addressed as we start to release updates for IX2. If this is a large limitation for you at this time due to deadlines, I recommend using Legacy Interactions if possible.

I appreciate your patience so far!



Awesome, thanks @crcn! Curious what “soon” means. Days, weeks, months? I’d really like to use this on a site we’re building out now, but if it’ll more than a month I’ll have to find a different solution. Thanks!




I have applied the interaction as outlined here… and it works well in the designer and on most desktop browsers.

Here’s the published link…

Here’s my read-only link…

However, on Safari on the desktop and on Chrome and on the iPad the navbar stays hidden when scrolling to the top of the page. Is this a major flaw in the interaction? or is it a known problem with iOS and Safari?



Hi There Webflow Engineer :slight_smile: , Thanks for responding, please if possible could you give us a timeline as to when you think this will be fixed?