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[RESOLVED] Navbar at top does not work


On my site ( i want the navbar at the top of the site get scrolled. When i make the navbar get scrolled, the menu does not open? I do not found the problem. Now the navbar is fixed, but the content of the sites are hidden under the navbar.


Hi @Bettina_Lucas, I went and took a look at the site, but I cannot find a scroll menu, I see a left nav menu, is this what you want to appear when you scroll to another section?



Here you can see the error of the navbar:

When i click on the menu button the submenu appears in the content.


Hi Bettina, it looks like there is a z-index issue on the Nav Menu element in the drop down menu in tablet mobile and lower, I would create a class for the Mobile Nav menu in the Open state, and give it position relative and a z-index of 1000.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I'm happy to assist further! smile



Hi Dave,

i have made it but it doesn´t work. Can you please take a look:


Can you please take a look? It doesn´t work. Thanks.


Hi @Bettina_Lucas, sorry for the late reply, could you reshare the public link, it looks like the link is no longer shared. I will take a look smile Cheers,


Here you can take a look:


Hi @Bettina_Lucas, thanks for the update. I have made a video that I hope will help smile



Hi Dave, thanks for the video! But it doesn´t work. The menu is not shown on my version.
Here is a new link with the changes:


Oh no! It does work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

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