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[Resolved] One container is weirdly floating left in IE 11 but not any other browsers


Hi all,

My clients site is live now and the hero container is weirdly floating left in IE 11 but not any other browsers.

This is the IE version number: 11.0.9600.17691

Attached are the screenshots I've received. I don't have a windows computer so I can't check this out myself.

Here is the public editor link:

Thanks for helping!

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I experience the exact same problem. @cyberdave?


from what I can tell it is the absolute position in your hero-container class that is interfering with the w-container class in IE.


Hmm. Try making that area and maybe the individual components "inline-block". Looks like it's not just an IE 11 issue but in IE regardless of version.


I would remove the hero-container class and use padding on the hero class to position your content vertically, then see what happens.


I just tested this approach with IE developer tools and it fixed the problem.


Thanks all for the help! The issue is now fixed smile

Simply by switching from absolute to relative for the hero container

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