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[resolved] Unable to resolve... VIDEOS not showing in my site!


Hi there! suddenly I can not watch any video in my website??

Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.???

Hey! this is very scary... I sent today a lot of mails for people to visit my site.

What's going on?? I have also a wordpress blog with the same videos, and I can watch them all!

Thanks for your help.


and now it says this:

seriously. this is scary.


From my iPad I can't either watch videos in my webflow site. I am in a bar I always come to work, and the internet is very good. In fact, all videos work fine in the other sites I have, and in vimeo and youtube.


But! in my webflow ending domain...

videos work!

I haven't changed any setup in my domain, has anyone an idea of what's going on?

Thanks in advance.



suddenly everything works again...

Sorry, but I just got in panic. Something really strange went during 10 minutes here in webflow...


This happened for me too... ... still seems to be in effect when you click to watch our reel... but yet it works on the webflow host:


Hi guys, yesterday there was a short period where videos were not playing due to an error with our provider's service. Super sorry about the trouble - everything has since been resolved and should not be a recurring issue.

Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions or if anything isn't working right. smile


thanks for the info. considering half of my work is showed with videos, this could be a serious problem for my visitors if happens often. but i'm sure you'll take care of it!