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Responsive Images Activation - after 'Later' clicked



I decided to click 'later' when prompted to activate Responsive Images. Where is the option to activate once the pop-up has gone? Had a good look round but cannot find it.



If you have an existing site, a migration process will start the next time you open the Designer (if it doesn't, just hit CMD+SHIFT+i on a Mac or CTRL+SHIFT+i on Windows).


Hi @Revolution

Many thanks for the tip. I tried Ctrl+F5 (I'm Win10) in the Dashboard and in the site but no pop up. I've checked the css and the new code is not there so pretty sure I've not activated it yet.


I tried it on Mac and Windows (10)... from within the Designer...
with a Chrome Browser.

CMD + SHIFT + i for Mac / CTRL + SHIFT + i for Windows

Both worked. Webflow displays the following prompt.

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