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Responsive Webflow Editor


During one of the Webflow Workshops we were discussing about the ability to edit websites on tablets and mobile devices and Nelson @PixelGeek suggested a challenge of making the Webflow Editor responsive. So, I took on the challenge and came up with something like this.

What do you guys think?


Truly wonderful!! I love it @Anna_Kelian :raised_hands:

It actually works the way I wanted it.


Lots of work here.

Great job !

Take care


Thanks Naweed @nwdsha I'm glad you like it. Yeah we all wanted something like this. Maybe the Webflow team has something even better for us tough :wink:


Thx @Blaise_Posmyouck It was both fun and sometimes tiresome to recreate all the small details. Hence, the reason I didn't add the settings page details :see_no_evil:


Very beautiful work @Anna_Kelian! :smiley:


Thx @StevenP :blush:


I like it :smile:
Great work!


Thank youuuuu @perkristian


@PixelGeek seems you missed this :wink:


Nice work, viewing the site on iPhone 6 Plus and works well on mobile.


Have a look at the video on the Webflow frontpage. Chuck already have the responsive editor :smile:
I guess it´s in the works. Just think how great it will be to show clients how they can update a website on the go.


@perkristian hehe yeah i forgot about dear old chuck and this video. Good that you noticed the editor. and YES it would be awesome to let clients update their websites on the go.


Good to know :blush: thanks @RoseWebStudio


Looks nice! for now, i know typeform is almost ready with the Webflow Api.
So its easy to make a typeform and fill in some new articles or blog items!


Yes indeed @Koen
API will give us so many options it will be an AWESOME future :wink:

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