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Restrict shipping to state/region and offer 'request a quote' for orders from outside that state

Hi all,

My client wants to set up an ecommerce store for heavy sculptures.

He wants to restrict shipping to the state of New South Wales, Australia. For all orders outside this state, he wants to allow customers to request a quote, due to difficulty of delivering the sculptures.

Is it possible to do this?


Hey @deepc

At this time, it is only possible to limit shipping at the country level.

An idea for you would be to setup up a flat shipping method for each state in Australia. It would be up to the customer to select the matching state for their shipping address, but could allow for more accurate shipping rate to be offered.

Hope that helps.

My recommendation to you and anyone else reading this that would like more options on restricting shipping to give this item on the wishlist some votes. This helps us to identify what features are needed most and prioritize their development.


Thanks @matthewpmunger. Regarding your point of setting up a flat shipping method for each state, I gather you are referring to the wishlist proposal? That doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment unless I’m missing something.


My suggestion is what can be accomplished currently. Create an individual shipping method for each state and label it clearly. For example “Shipping to State” where you’ll replace the word state with the name of each state.

To set a price per order use the flat-rate shipping method
To set a price per item use the quantity-based shipping method

Hopefully that makes sense. Also refer to the article on the university that I linked to above.

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nope, it does not make sense. I was keen on webflow until i found out that you can not set different delivery price based on a state within the country .