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Retail / Wholesale Store

I would like to build a eCommerce site that has two collections; one retail and a second for wholesale. My original thought was that the wholesale collection could be a duplicate or the retail collection with adjusted pricing and I would protect the Wholesale Products Pages with a password. It appears that unlike CMS Collections, I can only have one Product Collection. Is this true and is there a better way to accomplish this?
Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Lowerys Jewelers eComm

Webflow does not support more than one product collection (e-commerce). It also does not support users (some day) and tiered pricing like that needed for B2B. So given those limitations, if your requirements are B2C + B2B then I would choose something else. There are plenty of alternatives.

You can also go down the route of having a seperate wholesale platform which may provide a better functionality eg. mobile app for your wholesale clients. Wholesale customers would click a link on site and be taken to the wholesale app to login. This separation is quite good as you don’t have lock in for both ecommerce and whole on the one platform. More costly obviously!