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Retrieve CMS Item ID


I create CMS lives item with Zapier and I would like to update my CMS items with zapier (Google Sheet --> Webflow).

However it seems that you need the item ID in order to help zapier finding the right item you need to update.

I can’t find any answers on how to find this ID without digging in the code or something like that.

It shouldn’t be complicated considering that the “update live item” option is available on Zapier.

Best regards

Unfortunately there is not a good answer to this question (as far as I know). Webflow does not allow you to access CMS items ids with integrations like Zapier. The most straight forward solution would be to create a “Item ID” field in the CMS item and number all of your items. Or just use the items url slug as an ID since you know that will be unique for each CMS item.

Good luck!

Hello nathan, thank you for your answer!

I use the number of each line of my google sheet as a slug URL but it doesn’t seem to work when I want to create an “update live item” with zapier.

I am also embarrassed because I can’t manually modify my cms items generated through zapier which is very annoying to update some text.

I search a workaround but can’t find one for the moment