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Reveal elements on scroll


Hello everybody,

I’m a graphic designer trying to make my new site on Webflow.
I’m spending hours learning this great tool !
But i’m stuck in the home page trying to make my works reveal on scrolldown. Everything is going fine exept that when my images appear, there is the default image background behind them that appear too.

Can u see what i mean ? And don’t know how to remove it…

Anyone could help me ?

Thank you so much.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@Lisa_Laprade I she just the website with your link you provided. the issue your having is because your background image placeholder is still set to that image as background. select element and delete the placehold in background.


@Lisa_Laprade the class is called .image-projet that you used remove the example background image


Thank you so much for you answer but I have already did it and when removing the example background image my images are so huge…



@Lisa_Laprade what did you set your background images to? cover or contain?


@Lisa_Laprade a editor preview link I would be happy to give you a step by step


Thank you for your quickness !
I set it in cover.
Please find attached 2 screenshot.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for holidays but I will try to see your answer.

It is very king from you to help me.


@Lisa_Laprade could you provide a read only editor view please… I see 3 screenshots not 2 which is which?


what is a read only editor ?:blush:


I found it :



@Lisa_Laprade Ok so what I have come up with is a work around because your using the cms features of webflow. I write my own code so that part if possible is beyond my scope of webflow.

How ever a workaround is just as good.

Step 1
Create a image that is blank save it as a png you can also find spacer.png images online
replace the example image that is in the background with it and that will take care of that.


So great !

Thank you so much Poliigon for the time you have spend on my problem.
I will try this.

Have a great day.


Hello Poliigon,

It works great thank you so much !

Have a great day.



Hello Poliigon,

Would you have few minutes to have a look at my last post ?


Thank you so much.