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Rich text block font colour in a collection


Hi Webflow friends, I am having a heck of a time changing the H5 (the blue text) in this rich text block within a collection. I have tried everything I can think of, looked at other posters questions and answers and I CAN NOT get it to change. If i go into the collection and change it from an H5 to a H4 it changes but I want the H5 to be a dark grey colour (h4 is green - "work experience") I have tried to create a "new" H5 and change it in hopes that this one will change we well, but it doesn't. I have been working on this for 3 days now and I am going nuts!!!

HELP! and thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Ashley,

You need to go to any other page that's not a collection page and drag in the heading component. (You can drag it in anywhere as you will delete it in a sec).

Select the component and from it's settings select H5.

From the selector box choose 'All H5 Headings' (as pictured).

Now style this using the Typography design section giving it a grey colour you wish.

Once you've done that, delete the component.

Now go back to your templates page and the H5's should now all be grey. I have done it as pictured below:

Hope that makes sense.



Lets begin from the start (regular CSS).

In regular CSS you only need to create selector scope and thats it (more specific wins):

      color: black; /* global site heading */
  .some-rich-text-wrapper h4{
      color: DarkGray; /* override h4 global setting */

my html

<h4>I am black</h4>
<div class="some-rich-text-wrapper">
  <h4>i am DarkGray</h4>

You find the same idea for Webflow richtext editor. Try this steps:

1. Drag to the page some rich-text block
2. Create wrapper class "test" (or any name!)

3. Set h4 to blue or any color
4. Now remove this richtext editor and give to your teams-->information block this class


The output code


THank you so so much Rob!! This helped out a ton. It was such a simple thing and your directions were so perfect. I know it may sound silly but this made my day lol.

Have a good one!


You're welcome. I had the same trouble a while back.

Can you click on the tick on my last message so other users can see that was the solution.

Good luck with your site.


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