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Rich-Text Field in Collection doesn't show up in "Get Text" dropdown



I'm having some trouble with Rich Text fields in the CMS. I built an FAQ collection and my rich text "Answer" field does not show up in the "Get Text" dropdown. I deleted and remade the field a number of times but no luck -- the plain-text fields are working fine.

I successfully used Rich Text fields in the blog I built, but I also used the pre-made collection.



I'm having the same problem. The Post Body field doesn't show up in the drop down - using a standard template...


Strangely, although another field uses Rich Text and shows correctly, the Post Body field does not. I then added a plain text field which appeared straight away. A bug I feel.


Hey there, I ran into this problem a few weeks ago and realized that the element you drop into the designer needs to be a Rich Text Block to match the field you added in the CMS.

Before, I think I was trying to use a paragraph block or something similar.

Hope that helps :smile:


Thanks, confirmed by Webflow.

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