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Rich text fields with embeds are not exporting or being fetched correctly


Tried to fetch an item which has a rich text field containing a twitter embed through Integromat, but the entire embed code is simply gone from the resulting string (instead an empty<div></div> is left behind).

Then tried exporting the collection items using Webflows “export” button in the cms and found the same thing: All embeds are removed from the rich text fields.

I don’t think this is intended (why would removing parts of an export be intended, after all) and is a bug on Webflow’s end.

I just tested exporting a collection with a RT field containing an iframe embed code from Soundcloud, and the code isn’t exported, as you said.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s by design.

cc @cyberdave

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To add to this there is no access to embeds even with API requests.

Yep, just saw that today. Every article / rich text field we’ve written that has been accessed and resaved by the API has had the embeds removed.