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Rotate, skew, and scale transforms on multi-classes are buggy


Another bug. Can be reproduced.

  • create an element, give it any transform but move
  • give this element another additional class
  • try adding transform to this multi-class

Results differ. For rotate: unable to add any other transform. For scale: cannot add move transform. For skew: cannot add any other transform.


Hi Alex, I can do everything with no issue, everything behaves as expected.

Edit: are you trying to use the new Style Panel? Transforms on the new Style Panel is very buggy. Work like a charm on the normal Style Panel.


Yes, this is with the new style panel. I am using it exclusively to try to catch all the problems with it. When it doesn’t work I switch to the normal sp :slight_smile:


Thank you for the report. Looking into it now!


Any news on this one, Linda? It is still impossible to add transforms to multi-class and recent announcement that old styles panel is going to be abandoned soon made me realize that this could become a critical problem.


@Lindapham Sorry for bugging you, but with the old panel shutting down today it is important to know if this was even looked into.


@dram we shipped a fix for combo classes around this yesterday. Can you take a look to see if you can still reproduce this?


Thank you, it works as expected now.

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