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Rotate text link 90% to be vertical


Here is the read-only ink:

I wish to make rotate some text links 90 degrees, like in the image below. This will be main navigation and it will be fixed.

But the rotate on Z function seems to mess up my responsive layout. The positioning gets funky.

I would like to create basically a div that is rotated -90 at 90% from the left side of the browser window. And then create text links within this rotated div box.

When I add padding to the individual text links within the div box, it creates padding all over, not just at the side I wish, so the 90% away from left browser increases.

I'd really appreciate it if you can take a look and let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you so much!


hi Karen.

to rotate text by 90 degrees, do as follows:
1. select your text element
2. in Styles pane, scroll down to 'Transitions & Transforms'
3. click on add Transform (+)
4. set 'Rotate' 'z' by 90 or 270 depending on what direction you want.

this works fine on other responsive screens as well.


Thank you Nshkrsh!

However, it seems to rotate it by the center origin point, whereas I need it to rotate by the top left point of the textbox / there a way to change the rotation point?

Thank you!


Hello, @Karen

You can change this setting under the Transforms:

Click on the dot, for choose center of the rotation.

Hope it helps,


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