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Rotation problem with lightbox galleries


I have noticed this for months and never reported it and figured someone else would have by now… but I wasn’t able to find any topics on it.

Any gallery I’ve done with webflow has problems on at least an iPhone X when I rotate my phone and then rotate it back. The images don’t reset back into place. Is webflow aware of such issues?

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Hi @bodwa, thanks for the report. Yes, there is some behavior with the lightbox that causes the positioning of the lightbox image to be altered when rotating the mobile device.

Our team is looking in to the issue and as soon as I have more info, I will respond back with an update.

Thanks in advance.


Hi I’m new to Webflow after moving from many happy years with Muse, I’m not a web developer just needing to run a couple of my own sites. I have managed to work through most of what I need to do with the help of the tutorials and the community, however my final part is to create photo gallery’s to show client images. Having spent many frustrating hours now trying everything possible I find that the problem I have been having is actually a known problem as shown on the original post! Frustrated is not quite adequate as the site was ready to go live until the gallery problems.

Is there any news when this problem is going to be rectified?


Hi @Allang1

No updates on this one at this time. We’ll definitely post back when we do have more information for you, though.

Thanks for your patience while we continue to look into this.


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