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Same button, different links?


On my site I have a button that appears for every blog post, but the button goes to an external link AND is different for every blog post. However, right now when I set the link for 1 of the buttons it sets it the same for all of them. How can I make it so I can set a different link destination for each one?

Here is my site Read-Only:


You talk about page-list? (The button “Read Case Study”).

If so: For now your button <a> is not dynamic.

CMS link field

Create Extra label “external link” —> 2. Than connect to this “external link” to your button and thats it.

Follow this Steps (The tutorial is about “collection-page” but the same idea works for “collection list”):

Or Full Guide (Recommenced)

View Summary not work (No binding)

Also in your link - The button “View Summary” (No ‘connect to’).
See “Full Guide” time: 21:59
-OR - See this related Q:


EDIT: Never mind, you were right, I just added a ‘link’ field in my CMS for each blog post that links to an external site. Closing


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