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Scroll interactions on iOS


Now that iOS 8 has been out and penetration is high, any plans to introduce scrolling interactions for it?


Great request, I haven't made the link between iOS 8 ew scroll and Webflow scroll events limitation on mobile.


I know that initially any animations on iOS over at least AT&T were LTE were a complete fail. Entire site might not load. Seemed that this was more of an AT&T/iOS/antenna issue that has cleared up.

Is there a piece of CSS or Script that the Webflow Team could provide to let us turn the interactions on for iOS if desired?


@cyberdave Any word on this? Is there a bit of CSS we could have to turn on scroll animations on iOS or a script? I see scroll animations working fairly well on a number of sites ( as an example). It would be nice to have the option to turn this off or on across the board.

I've added a script to handle a navigation header background but not really pumped about doing that for every interaction on scroll.


Hey guys, Just wanted to reach out share that Webflow IX scroll triggers are now working on iOS devices! smile Simply re-publish any site with scroll triggers to take advantage of this update. More info here:


Is that a version number? ..............


Thank you much for jumping on this! Looking forward to republishing my sites.