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Scroll Trigger on child only not siblings


I have a section with a child that is the background image for that section. then a sibling with some text. I want an interaction on scroll that zooms the background image but leaves the text. Is there a way to effect just the child and not the sibling?

I have the scroll set to trigger type scroll affect different elements but that wont work. If I have the affect different elements not checked then both the child and sibling zoom

Here is my public share link: LINK
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??? anyone


I am unable to access your public share link but I am thinking that you can apply an interaction to the text that is the exact opposite of what the scroll interaction does to the background (ex: while scroll interaction scales background to 1.5, another scroll interaction applied to the text scales text to 0.5 to counteract background scaling). I am not sure this will work; I will try this myself but for now this is my train of thought. Good luck, Rachel!


Thank you
Here is my link
It is the sections on home page

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