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Seamless pagination with "pjax"


Thanks @matthewpmunger I’m already using that part as well.


Do you have any idea why this wouldn’t work if collections were nested in tabs?



@aaronocampo :thinking:That’s an interesting scenario. Can you share the published url or project?


Thanks @matthewpmunger

The live site is: just before the footer section

Here is the preview link: (the “ingles” page)



@aaronocampo You could try moving the id tags up to the tab panes. The script is supposed to target :point_down:


Maybe I will need to take another approach, I did what you suggested and didn’t work, tried different levels like tab pane, tab content, columns, etc none of it worked.


Great trick :slight_smile:

How can we get the pagination buttons to jump to the top of the section/cms list after a user presses either one if we have multiple rows?


Thanks a lot for that piece! It’s just in time!


If the lists have a uniform position in the page, you could try a pixel value number in the scrollTo: config (instead of false).

It also might be possible to measure the list’s position on the page on click, but that would take some experimentation. Pjax library events docs.

$(document).on('pjax:click', function() { ... });



I’m getting the same issue with tabs. I am using tabs to sort blog articles by content subject. Each tab shows different content from a different collection. Some tabs have 2 collections within them. When I place the seamless-replace on each individual collection wrapper, it only works for one of them and the only way to see the next page on the secondary collection is if you reload the page.

Site content is protected so can’t share read-only but I can duplicate the issue if need be.


This is awesome - so easy to implement too! I am having issues with it messing up the page load interaction. When hitting next/previous the page load elements revert to their initial state, but don’t actually load their interaction. Is there a way around this? I’ve already added the reinitialize interaction code