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Seamless pagination with "pjax"

@hirastudio did you find a solution for multiple pagination collections on a page? The first set is working seamlessly on this site:

However, the second paginated collection under the events section of the ‘Find a Workspace’ page just won’t load. Any ideas?

I have the same issue. I have several collections that are nested in different tabs.
I wrapped them in the same div on which I applied the “seamless-replace” ID just as shown in your video tutorial.

Unfortunately only the first collection works. That means that collection 2,3,4 don’t event work when I click on the pagination, it’s blocked. Weirdly though, if a spamclick 5 or 6 times it works but the page is reloaded (so it doesn’t use the seamless-replace…

Besides this request by is also a pain point…

Any help regarding this matter please ?

Yes you can target each single button interaction if you add a class to the pagination div.

‘.w-pagination-wrapper.classname a’,
container: containerSelector_id1,
fragment: containerSelector_id1,
scrollTo: containerSelector_div1,
timeout: 2500,

Hey everyone,

First of all, thanks @forresto for this workaround, and thank you @PixelGeek for the subsequent video detailing it that I followed!

Would any of you kind souls be able to advise me why this may be breaking the CMS Lightbox workaround detailed HERE, please? I can confirm that the lightbox was working fine with pagination prior to adding this code snippet to enable to seamless pagination.

When using both the CMS Lightbox workaround and this seamless pagination workaround, the Lightbox function will work once I have used the pagination. Once pagination has been used, selecting the image does not bring up the lightbox view and I have to refresh in order to restore functionality.

Read-only link HERE, and a link to the published page (so that you can view the Lightbox issue as it relies on script) is HERE. (Be nice, it’s my first site and still very much a work in progress!).

Many thanks in advance if anyone is able to help!


I’m having the same issue that @Andy_Vaughan is having that I noticed just now.

Reiterating what Andy said: the seamless pagination code provided DOES NOT work with the new CMS Lightbox feature. That’s a bummer. Please let me know if anyone has a work around.

I offer my link as well to get a visual.

Pages in Question
My Bulletin ERROR - Code exists on page (conflicts with Lightbox)
My Bulletin - Code DOES NOT exist on page (no seamless pagination but the Lightbox is working just fine)

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