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Search Blog Posts in Backend CMS


Is there not a way to search through the blog posts in the CMS? You can't seem to be able to sort them either.

Pressing CMD+F and using the browser search doesn't work because it wont jump to the highlighted search term and also searches behind the CMS panel the overlays the page you're on.



Does nobody have any suggestions or thoughts around this?


We're working on CMS search - stay tuned!



It is getting VERY difficult to find content on the CMS backend.


I'd love to know more about this when might be coming. The type of filtered search I (and I think most CMS users) want can only be done with advanced customization of Swiftype, and then integrating that into Webflow. I don't mind paying for that – but not if Webflow is just about to launch its own CMS search function.


@funkedelic_bob @guihnz @Jim_Dandy

This feature is now live! :smiley: