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Section link advances and responsivity issues



I'm currently working on my portfolio but there is 2 issues I can't seem to find a way to deal with :

  • When I go to a project a new page open. I have a button to go back to the main page, but I would like it if it could send me directly to the "projects" parts and skip the banner. So basically I would like to link to a section in an other page. Is there a way to work around it ?

  • My other problem is about responsivity. On computer when you are in "my projects", you can hover each projects and it will display the project's name. Of course on mobile hover doesn't work, but for some reason it seems to mess up everything. It's bit hard to describe so it's best to take a look directly.

Here is a link to my website :

If anyone have a solution I would be really happy to hear it !

Thanks again webflow community for all the help !


Hi @MoinardColin

Beautiful portfolio.

For issue #1

Instead of linking the close button to the Homepage, link it to

For issue #2

I can't see the issue. Please, provide us with a live site link.


Hey @MoinardColin,

Ahah i guess thats my bad for the mobile :smiley:

Try this : Absolute full on hidden name div

Maybe Flex it for the text


This solution works perfectly ! I didn't knew it was so simple :slight_smile:
And thanks telling me it looks good !


Yeah that works now :slight_smile:
Thanks again !


Welcome @MoinardColin

Glad @zbrah helped you solve the second issue as well.


Yeah it worked ! Thanks for the help both of you !


Anytime @MoinardColin

Best of luck with your project.


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