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Selecting all List Items


Hi all

I need to select all my list items and add the class to them. Can I select them all somehow or do I need to add the class to each of the 8 list items one at a time?


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Hi there,

What I tend to do is fill out a ‘list item’ (i.e. style and drop in a paragraph block etc.) and the copy and paste this out (deleting the two default 'list item’s that sit below it).

That way, all my list items are the same style and all setup.

P.s. if this is going to be done elsewhere across the site, you can save one fully setup list as a ‘symbol’, drop this in on a respective page, break the symbol and it’s there ready to go!

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Hi @torsevs, you can’t select multiple items on webflow, the best workaround is @domin8tor one.
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