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Selecting and editing text


Can someone tell me how to edit multiple layers of text that's on top of each other? In brief, I want to have an animation where a phrase appears one word at a time in the same location. So, I type one word, then duplicate it in the navigator, but it has to be below the previous word, which blocks it.

I know I can select different text/headings in the navigator, but I have to go to the canvas and double click the text to edit it? I wish there was a way to select a text element in the navigator, and have a window pop open where one could enter or edit the text. Otherwise, it seems you have to move the text to a new position on your canvas, edit it, and then move it back. Or maybe a way to type text into a box in the style panel's typography section.

Is there an easy way now to edit multiple layers of text in the same location?

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