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Selecting Boxes click/unclick



I wish to click multiple selection boxes as shown in the site below, within the styles container (the boxes will light up as green as you hover over). I know this may need some code, just wondering if anyone out there knows what might be needed!

Also handy to unlick them, with a maximum of selecting them all.


Hi, @bwalls1992.

If you want that the buttons/boxes simply change color on click, you will have to add a background color div inside the each link-block and make interaction with Click trigger, which will make that div display: block on first click and display: none on second click.

And if you want that every button/box send some value/information with the form, then I would suggest using checkbox-fields, styled like buttons + the method I wrote above.



Wow thanks @sabanna !!


so i have doe what you have asked:
1. Place background div into link block
2. configure click trigger

however it is not working for me, the click will not hold... any ideas


Hi, @bwalls1992

Here is video how to do this effect correctly:



Great @sabanna successfully implemented,

One last thing, I have tried to change the text colour on click, so i created a copy of the global class 'textbox' set it to absolute, then set a new interaction on linkbox to change colour on click... however i have come into formatting issues with my new textbox and i can;t use a combo class in interactions...

Any ideas?



@sabanna i figured it out... i made another 2 coluor divs and put the 2 text colours inside... took some brain power!! hahah

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