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Selection of Plan for making 1 Personal Website


Hello Everyone. I have a simple question. I’m looking to design and host my own personal website/portfolio. Will choosing the 12$ plan be sufficient? If so, what are the disadvantages of it. (Considering that my objective is to only make and host 1 website) Thanks :blush:


Yes, if you don’t need CMS features. Other Webflow limitations are linked on my profile.


Can you give me an example of why I might need CMS features for a Graphic
Design Portfolio?

I’m not sure of what CMS is actually used for.


Perhaps you might want an interface to add new projects to your portfolio, for example.

See how I did my site, that’s a collection list of projects added by CMS:

Each project has each own page, but with the same design (collection template page)


I see. In that case wouldn’t every website need a CMS?

Also, what kind website wouldn’t need a CMS?


You don’t need a CMS for a single page website, or a marketing site where each page are unique (in terms of layout and content type).

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