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Send Collection Item Data (like Name, Slug or anything else) with your form field submit

My friend Meodai just gave me a super tip to customize form fields within a collection item for this specific collection item.

My Case
My client wants to have an event collection where people can sign up for this event. This form field should be sent to a google sheet for further use. (Send Event-Details etc.)

So I set up a Collection for this event. Made a section for the sign up with a form block.
Added a hidden form field with the embed component into this form block.


and just copied the hidden field parameters in:
<input type="hidden" id="custId" name="custId" value="3487">

and changed the id and the name to “topic” could also be anything else that’s up to you.
and now did some webflow magic. I added the collection field “name” as a value. (top right bottom)

Afterwards i connected my form field to zapier and my designated google sheet.

And Boom. Everything worked as expected.


Waow this is so simple! Very cool, very useful, thanks for the detailed how-to :slight_smile:

I had clients who were making their products’ landing pages as static pages — when they could have been automatized with CMS — because they wanted custom info in each page’s form. Such custom data can easily be handled by your technique.


Yes! Love this trick :slight_smile: used it on a gallery site I developed to customize a contact form on each artwork that is for sale, so it sends info on which artwork is being inquired about. Client was thrilled.

This is something I love to do especially with dynamic content since I can use the embed component to pass along variables from the cms item. For instance I can pass along IDs I need in Zapier to do lookups on other connected platforms and then update those items.

Pro Tip: if you already have the Webflow CMS Item ID as a field in the CMS, you can pass that along too which is needed if you want to update that same CMS item. Giving you app like functionality from form buttons to trigger live changes on the site.


Also, this! :smiley:


thanks for sharing. it’s a lot of zip zap going on. Pretty impressive how you keep track on this while explaining it to the meetup!

It’s good to know that you guys at webflow work in a similar manner as I do.

Especially I like that you also use a regular div instead of the pre defined container as a container. I would use the Webflow Container, if i could just change it’s max-width inside the designer.

My students always get super confused, when I explain this (in the very beginning of my web design course). Because in all the tutorials in webflow’s university you use the wf-container.