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Sendgrid webhook form integration


TL;DR - How do I input a Sendgrid webhook as the action URL in a form without the form redirecting to the webhook link?

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We use Sendgrid for emails, and we’d like to use our Sendgrid webhook to collect email addresses in the email signup form in the footer: It expects a POST request with a single param ‘Email’.

When I input the above webhook link as the action URL, it works (Sendgrid picks up the email address). But the form redirects to the webhook link.

Is there a way to prevent it from redirecting to the webhook link?

Our current workaround is a Zap with Zapier (the webhook goes in the zap, not in the form’s action URL), but I’d like to reduce the dependency on another service.

Thank you!


@kmac I am looking for the same solution. Did you find an answer by chance? I thought it would be as easy as Mailchimp where I can just enter in the Action URL :frowning: