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Setting div height size


How can I set the height size of the right div to 100% (where the two pictures are shown)



Can you please send me a read only link here is how:

Also you put this post in the wrong category this post should be in need help :smile:



of course:



Is this the effect your looking for? :smile:


If both pictures have the same height size, than yes... :smile:


Here you go: :smile:


Now the picture is stretched :smile:


Yeah well cant do much i would suggest uploading pictures with a height of 427px or there is no other way of getting 100% height images :smile:


There is 1 thing you can do if you like this i can make a video on how to do it


yeah this looks good!


Here is how to do it:

Hope it helps



Nice idea - helps! Thanks a lot my friend!


Your Welcome

Glad i could help :smile: