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Shared CSS classes


I'm completely new to Webflow, but I have coding experience.

While building a website, I always try to abstract CSS classes as much as possible in order increase reusability. So, for example, if I would need to style each item in an unordered list I would use something like:

ul li {
    code here...

...instead of putting the CSS code directly on the LI tag.

Is something like that possible in Webflow?


Hi @Zlate smile

You can do this via the custom code area -

But, to do this within the Webflow designer tool is not yet possible. It is something we are working on for a future release.

Hope this helps


Great, thanks. It's my second day with Webflow and it's my favourite so far, even surprising Macaw, which was my ex-favorite.


I'm also trying to come up with general classes that can be used in more situations.

For example, I want to have a class “Section” for defining general attributes, and then each section will have specific class. After watching some tutorials I came up with the attached screenshot, and it works well.

There is one thing that I can't achieve. Half of my sections will need to share common attributes. Therefore, besides the general “Section” class, I would need another general class that will apply to half of my sections. I don't know how to achieve that via Webflow.


OK, I think I'm starting to understand. It's theoretically possible, but not very intuitive.

For example, once I've defined a general “Section” class, and I want to add a second one, I'm forced to nest it (see attached).

What I wanted to do is create another class, which will not be nested within the general “Section” class.

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