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Sharing a site with a client



How does webflow work regarding sharing sites with clients that will not actually be published LIVE? We're looking to use webflow for detailed prototyping and interaction but not really needed for the LIVE hosting part of the service.

Please advise.


Nice job on the tutorials btw - very easy to follow.


You can publish on a subdomian of or share a read only link with them.

Here's how to share a read only link:

Hope this helps. :wink::+1:



Thanks for the help. Just to confirm -publishing on the subdomain of is free and not a per site hosting charge, correct? Can anyone else in the public or webflow community see the site without the sub-domain link?



Correct. Publishing on a Webflow subdomain is free and not tied to any hosting charges. The site will be public but you make it password protected and also turn off indexing of the subdomain for search providers.


Ok - perfect.

Thanks for taking time to answer!


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