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Sharing webflow URL on mobile browser - appends null

Hi Guys,

Been grappling with an issue for a while. When we use the native browser url share on mobile, there is a null parameter appended to our url. This results in a 404 error when someone tries to visit it.

We’ve added the current open graph tags and the issue still occurs. Any one have any insights to fix this problem?

Is this a bug on webflow or are we configuring something wrong.

Here’s the link to our read only sitee

Appreciate the help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey Sajjad!

I saw that you are using a ternary operator on every page in the before </body> custom code.

window.location.href.includes("") ? document.getElementById("event_section").classList.add("hide"): null; 

You are assigning it’s false execution a null value and the ternary itself is not explicitly declared on a variable. My best guess is that it (without an object assigned to it) the null is appended to the window object. The share function calls the location function of the window object et voila… I could be wrong though.

My tipp is to revert all ternary operations to good old if/else statements and see if this fixes it.