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Shipping country list


I only plan to use shipping to Canada and as such only have Canada enabled in the shipping rules. On the checkout that doesn’t reflect though. When opening the drop-down, you can still select all countries in the world. Is there a way to disable all these countries in the checkout so only the countries you actually ship to are shown?


Hi @Eddy_Marchal I’m one of the engineers here at webflow! You’re certainly not the first person to ask about this! Currently, it is working as designed. If a user selects a country that you don’t have configured with a shipping method, the user won’t be able to select a shipping method and will not be able to complete checkout. So the good news is users won’t be able to ship to anywhere in the world! The extra good news is that we know this user experience could be better and it’s on our radar for a down-the-road enhancement.

Ability to Change Checkout Form Country Selector Pre Selected Option

Any scope on this? It’s a rather important step of the customer journey…