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Shipping Options


Hello there!

I was looking around and testing some functionalities of Webflow e-commerce and it’s awesome.

But talking about shipping, is where things got complicated. Nether the options (flat-rate, %…) will cover the diferences between shipping over different cities. Especially if you are at a big country like me - Brazil.

I made some tests on “Correios” website (our postal service) and for the same size of box and weight I got big diferences of shipping costs. Like, for some capitals the price is R$20. For northeast capitals R$60. For a country-side south city R$52,00 and only get more confuse.

As we don’t have ZIP CODE based shipping, It’s kind of impossible to have “clusters” of shipment prices. The only way to work on this way is to select the cities we can delivery by now (and risking to pay more than expected - on the same city you can have different shipment costs) and for other cities we can use a external marketplace.

Do you guys have any solution for that?

Ps: Correios have a XML, SOAP and WSDL webservice to provide shipment costs for Brazil - I don’t know if it’s possible to implement but if there’s anything that I can help just let me know - Shopfy have a “addon” for Correios.