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Shopify or Webflow+Shopify?


I've taken on a job recently for a fashion website. I am an intermediate Webflow user and I have the task of building an ecommerce fashion site using Shopify and potentially Webflow.

Just seeing if anyone here has built a site with more that 50 items in with this method before and can give me some quick pointers to ensure I make the right decision before going ahead - I was thinking CMS collections for each Shopify collection and having a link in each with the item - is this the best way?


Hi Dylan,

Before you commit to a Shopify+Webflow solution, I would run your ideas, desirables, and must-haves through Josh, Adam and team @foxy

I was in the same position as you and wondering if updating products in both Shopify and Webflow was the way to go, but was prompted to drop Foxy a line, and i’m so glad I did!

I launched a site yesterday using Webflow+Foxy (contact me for link). The products are added and managed in the Webflow CMS only, Foxy is embedded and handles the cart functionality, no need to add products/buy buttons in both.

And, Foxy support = top notch!

Hope that helps



Thanks @StuM I have taken a look at @Foxy - looks good, but my only concern is that I will be handing this store over to a 55 year old woman when I am finished, and she knows how to use Shopify. :frowning:


Ah I see, will she be ok with learning Webflow CMS on top?

You might have seen them already but there's an @PixelGeek workshop on embedding Shopify in the archives somewhere, and you can't go wrong reading the guides that @AlexN has put together.

Let us know it goes



@StuM Thanks for recommending Foxy!

@DylanUrquhart With the Foxy / Webflow setup, your client can manage their entire inventory in Webflow's CMS. So it's as simple as filling out a basic form. Also, our integration with Webflow gives you full control of the checkout experience. Please let us know if we can help with anything at all.



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