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Shopify + webflow in iframe

Hello there,

I’m sorry if this is the wrong category but, please bear with me :).

I’m trying to build a website a mixture of webflow due to it’s ease of use and shopify due it’s wonderful ecommerce abilities. I have a product which is highly configurable and this is what is important for me.

I don’t want to use webflow as my main place to hold website and pull shopify into it, because I also want to allow my users create accounts. Now because of the above requirements I thought having everything in shopify seems like a great idea. Thus I created a template for shopify, where I display just the header and an iframe, full size, that will show up the page from webflow (dynamicaly, url-based). No I got into the security issue, which makes sense, Webflow protects itself from abusing free use of their service, but I’m ready to pay for a full membership if webflow allows us to use this. Now the question is there a way to do it? Or maybe you know better approaches like using the API to pull just the content of the pages, I’d do that as well, but exploring the webflow API it doesn’t “compiled” pages, just the data about them.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Constantin_Melniciuc.
I’m sure someone from Webflow will respond shortly, but depending on your needs, Foxy + Webflow may be able to provide what you’re after without the risk of bad user experiences with iframes. Also, we may be able to bring your costs down, while still providing the needed features.

More info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here: Feel free to email us more info on your needs and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction:


Hi @foxy,

Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunatelly Foxy is not an option for me. My client is pushing hard on having shopify as the main selling platform.

So having webflow integrated in shopify would be the use case for me.

Hi @Constantin_Melniciuc.
No worries at all. At the end of the day it’s about having the right/preferred tools. Please let us know if anything changes. We’ll be here.


Constantin, hi!
Did u consider Udesly?

Hi @Ash_Lee,

I do consider this option, although I’d prefer having everything in webflow, avoiding to do extra labor work, with exports and imports. Using an iframe would still the better option.

I’m surprised that nobody from @webflow did give me a single reply in this thread, is this some sort of ad placement forum for everybody who are interested in webflow, and not a single technical person here could give me a hint or something???

“Amazing” support on the platfrom.

Webflow just had this grand No Code conference yesterday and a day earlier, perhaps they didn’t get a chance to defrost.

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I am facing the same dilemma - I just got the green light today to create a full ecom site - client needs Login / Account features, Integration with ShippingEasy (to update quantity left in stock, since they sell on Amazon, Ebay etc which is integrated with ShippingEasy).

Question – If I go with the Udesly Webflow to Shopify Converter route - do I need to enter all the product info and images in Webflow first… or… is it sufficient that I create only the ‘product page’ in Webflow with one item and… later… upload all SKUs via Shopify (thru bulk upload, which Webflow lacks)?

Same Question is with the “All Products” page, similar to the one below — can I simply design the ALL PRODUCT page template and fill in the SKUS in Shopify (I hope I was clear).

(Currently I’m working on a Ecom site, designed in Webflow, I had to enter all SKu info manually, since the CSV import failed many times, I gave up, then spent hours upon hours entering the info SKU by SKU… so I wanna avoid doing any backend stuff in Webflow).

Josh @ Foxy - does FoxyCart offer the above features that my clients insists on having?

Hi @Ash_Lee.
In most cases, Foxy would 100% replace Shopify. You’d use Webflow’s CMS to manage your products. We don’t have a ShippingEasy integration, and it looks like they don’t have a Zapier integration yet. That said, with our webhooks and API, it’s entirely possible to build out a custom integration.

For what it’s worth, we have our own inventory integration with Webflow CMS that will update inventory counts for products sold.

A phone/Skype call may be beneficial. I want to make sure I understand your needs in detail. Please send an email to and we can set something up.


Thank you Josh!

Does Login / Customer Account come naturally with Foxy?

The immediate ecom (which is a niche) site, in question, might have to go with the Shopify route as the client wants it to integrate with the system they are already using (ShippingEasy).

It’s sister site, which (will be developed post the niche creation) is a general store with many more items, perhaps can go with another route.

I prefer Foxy as I want to stick with Webflow as the core.

Hi @Ash_Lee.
We have a new customer portal feature for Webflow that will soon be going into private beta. You can see a screenshot of our proof of concept here: (Foxy data styled with Webflow) and you can apply to join the private beta here:

In phase 1, customers will be able to login, view order history, and view subscriptions. Future phases will include purchased digital products access, and custom data (ex: earned points)

Hope this helps some. Let us know if you have any follow up questions. We’re happy to help.


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Josh…… Oh…woooow…!!
This is some major news here…!!
You guys don’t sleep… :slight_smile:

My first site (aside from the above Niche/ShippingEasy we discussed), already in mid development will benefit from this portal – it’s not live yet, so I cannot join the beta yet – the minute it’s done, I’d wanna hop on board and add this crucial feature…


Hi @Ash_Lee.
Feel free to go ahead and fill out the beta form. That way we can notify you. :slight_smile:


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