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Shopping cart suggestions for WF


I'm wondering if anyone has had experience adding a shopping cart that plays nice with Webflow. Although we do everything hand crafted and custom per order, (and 90% of visitors call in to customize their selections), we are considering adding a cart to our website to allow visitors to buy our lighting fixtures "as shown" on the website, so as to capitalize on that initial emotional reaction IE. "Oh I LOVE this fixture.. I have to get it!"

Shopping Cart suggestions are welcome.


Thanks everyone.

Custom Lighting Company


also, FoxyCart has the easiest implementation:


Thank you Mister Geek! :slight_smile:

I'm in California. Many platforms for ecommerce are available but I need to know which will work with WF's existing tech... and should any changes to WF's back end be made, that I won't need to reinvest time and money on a new ecommerce platform.



FYI... As a web designer for years, the way I've always added ecommerce was by adding a snippet of code for each product page, along with pulling buy, cart, etc. buttons. I am not looking to "import" a store created elsewhere, into my WF site(s).


Hi seth,

These links may be helpful. I think with you are binding to your product collections in webflow so there would be some work.

With Ecwid, you can simply add a widget via webflow embed. In this case your products are in Ecwid and separate to your Webflow product collections. It's fast, you can have your store shown on your webflow website and other places such as Facebook etc. See this link:

Hope that helps a little with these options.


DAVE! Happy New Year my friend! :slight_smile:

I am not using CMS on WF... the website was designed and built prior to the launch of the CMS system. Can it still work?



Has anyone designed a website with Ecwid that they can show us?


Hi @sethregan
Josh from Foxy here. Our cart can be easily added to Webflow sites using or not using their CMS. You can handle all product creation and management within Webflow's Designer. Here's a quick tutorial:

Let us know if you need help with anything or would like to see any specific demos or examples:



I watched the video... looks good but you have one product on that demo page. Our website has multiple products per page.

How would we go about adding the "Buy Now" button for each individual product on a page?

$20/mth allows for the first 100 transactions. After that will we need to start paying the $300/mth? That's pretty steep for CC processing and shopping cart.

Will i also need a payment processor on top of it all?



Hi @sethregan.
You would add each additional product to the page the same way. You can add as many products to a page or website as needed. Let me know if you want me to put together a demo for you.

For the pricing, $20/mo (or $180/yr) covers your first 100 transactions each month. Any transactions over the initial 100 each month will receive a .5% fee (with a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 15 cents) So let's say you did 110 transactions in a month. Your pricing would be $20 + $1.50 (worst case scenario) This does not include your gateway fees (ie: PayPal or Stripe)

Hope this helps some. Let me know if you have any other questions.



I understand.... so it's 100 transactions per month then it renews the following month for another 100 transactions allowed?

You can have a look at our website and let me know a brief summary of how it would work. If you go to Chandeliers for example, you will see a grid of products, each clickable to its respective "blow up" page. The blow up page is where we would want the cart option... so in essence, it really would be only one cart setup per page.

Thank you.


Hi @sethregan.
Yes, that is correct on the pricing. Transactions are the only thing pricing is based on. All features, gateways, and integrations are included.

For each product, you would simply add a button element and link it to a Foxy product link. Here's an example link I created on the fly (no need to login to Foxy):

The link consists of product parameters that are passed to Foxy. Notice the name, price, and image parameters. Of course, you can pass in any other parameters you want. Hope this helps some. Let me know if you have any other questions.



OK. Does Foxy handle the credit card processing... meaning I see you have the cart setup but do I need separate CC processing?


Also can the buttons be customized to match the color/font theme on our website?



Hi @sethregan.
Foxy integrates with nearly 100 payment gateways and alternate payment methods that you can accept payments with. You can find a full list here: We only focus on the cart, not the actual credit card processing.

Yes, you can completely customize your purchase buttons. In fact, your products and product pages are built entirely by you. Please watch this quick video ( and you can see how you can link an element you have built in your Webflow website to a FoxyCart product. Hope this helps.



I already have a PayPal account for the company. Integration with PayPal... easy? hard?

I have used AuthorizeNet in the past but they raised rates without warning and I wasn't happy.


Hi @sethregan.
Connecting Foxy to your PayPal account is as simple as providing your PayPal email in our admin. We've already built the gateway integrations so all you have to do is turn on that option and provide needed credentials.

I recommend creating your free unlimited trial account here and then following the tutorials I've linked to. If you need any help at all, simply message us here in the Webflow forums, email us (, or we can hop on a phone call or online chat.



Hey Foxy.
I have a question.

If someone was building a site for training courses, the booking and payment would be easy enough with foxy, but can you set a qty (number of places) and down date this based on each order qty.

Also, is there any ability to add repeat a course based on new dates alone, rather that add another course every time - does that make sense?


Hi @Dave
Thanks for messaging!

If someone was building a site for training courses, the booking and payment would be easy enough with foxy, but can you set a qty (number of places) and down date this based on each order qty.
Now that Webflow has released their API, we're in the middle of building out an inventory integration. This will automatically update inventory count for each product in the CMS after an order is placed. You can then conditionally show/hide purchase options based on the inventory count. I don't have an ETA on this, but we're already working on it. Until then, you could add a simple "Out of Stock" toggle to the Collection fields and conditionally show/hide purchase options based on that.

Also, is there any ability to add repeat a course based on new dates alone, rather that add another course every time - does that make sense?
This is more of a Webflow CMS/Designer question, since it related to recurring collection items. I think it could easily be handled by having start/end date fields and then conditionally showing the course based on if the dates are active. Make sense?

Feel free to reach out if you would like to see any specific demos or examples.



Thanks Josh, that is really good to know.

I am new to Webflow but familiar with foxycart from years gone by. As a Design/UX tool with the ability to generate clean code, Webflow is pretty amazing - best of the bunch out there. Means I can work with the client and end up giving developers a "This is exactly what I want" when I do need to export. But would be great to design up a course, plug in foxy and hit publish.

But there are a number of shortcomings when it comes to deciding to actually host anything more than a simple sites on webflow. Lightboxes in collections and from file sets, no folders, no ability to add PDF to assets and a few others that people (who have used Webflow a lot longer than I have) in the forums keep bringing up. Also, just discovered on Team Plan, I cannot set-up annual client billing, only monthly is an option, so right now we are finding ourselves outputting code into another CMS. That makes sense 50% of time, but would be nice to do more and add paid hosting directly from Webflow.

But now we have the API and the fact you guys are building out inventory integration is awesome news. I know Webflow will continue to add new features too (They work really hard and have so much to do to keep the community happy) so I am sure over time, we can use Webflow more and more for hosting sites so Foxy will be important. I will check if there is a wish list created for recurring collections - it will be essential for training and other date based repeat bookings

Thanks again for the prompt response on Foxy Josh