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Show a popup based on a cookie — Free clonable template

I have implemented this on my site, but the popup keeps appearing. I don’t understand why this happens.


Any advice?


I have mine on a slight delay so that people can have a few seconds to look at the website before it pops up. I used the trick you suggested @vincent where you nest an inner overlay using an interaction on the popup-overlay. My only issue is that it sets the popup overlay to display block instantly and they can’t click any buttons until it pops up. Is there a way to set a delay on the display block change?

Here is my read only link:

This is just awesome, @vincent!

Thank you for giving so much to this Community!!!


@vincet I think this is just what I have been looking for - I have designed at banner but I can’t figure how to make it stop showing. Do you think I can use this with my design?

Yes most probably. A popup or a banner, same principle.

@ColinKing I’ve got the same issue - did you manage the problem? Thanks for your help

@vincent Thank you for this.
I plugged in the code from your template site and changed the class to my wrapper but it still pops up every time I visit the shop. Am I missing a step?