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Show/Hide Interaction for Displaying Call Outs


I'm trying to design elements where when the user clicks on an icon, a hidden text element appears with more information. I've built one after watching the tutorial on Webflow.

The scope is to have 2-3 of these display icons on each image. It's walking people through the functions of different screens.

For example, if they click on the magnifying glass (see below) ...

... the drop down box appears (below)

I set the elements (magnifying glass and text box) with relative position. Not sure if this was the best way, but couldn't figure out how else to get the icons where I needed them. The problem I see is that as the screen "responds" these elements are going to move and not be relevant. Is there a better method for accomplishing this?

I looked through this forum for similar adaptions but didn't find any.

Hoping one of your design/Webflow gurus can provide a best practice and info on how to accomplish it.

Thanks in advance.



I can't see any magnifying icon following your link... did your remove them?

The thing is you have to set their position for each breakpoint.


Yes, I removed them. I just couldn't figure it out and hadn't heard back from anyone on solutions. Thanks for the reply.


Yep I guess it's slower on weekends (:
good that you've found a workaround.

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