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Show images from product variants

Hello. I have been searching for help with this but I can’t see anything. Sorry if I have missed a thread on it.

On a product page the main image changes when you change the variant, based on the image loaded for that variant.

I have created an enlarged image to show when you click on the product image. Nothing exciting but allows the user to see the product image full screen.

What I can’t do is get the enlarged image to show the variant image selected. It just shows the product default image.

How can I pull the variant images?


So if you change the variant to red and click it, when it expands you get the default grey show. How do I get that to show the variant colour? I don’t mind if you have to scroll through all the variants colours on the expanded view. I just can’t find any way to pull those variant images. Each variant just has one image.

Any help would be great. Thanks