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"Show More" Button - can it be done?

I’m creating a a portfolio gallery and I want to add a button at the end that will load more pictures. Can we do this Webflow?

I found how to do Pagination with CMS items here, but these aren’t CMS items. Just static images and lightboxes.

Instead of having 15 pictures on the page. I’m looking to show 6 or so and then have a button to load more content.

Any suggestions?

Here is my public share link: LINK


Is this your intended result?

I may siggest creating a new CMS Collection called “Gallery”

Create the following perams:
COLLECTION 1 - Gallery Image Categories

  • Gallery Category Name
  • slug
  • Main Category Image


  • Gallery Image Name
  • slug
  • Image
  • (optional) Image Alt Text
  • Gallery Category

Then all your Images will be sorted by the Gallery Collection

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The alternate Static solution is to convert your slider arrow into a Show more button. You can style it the same way as the screenshots above in slider mode. Make sure you set flexbox and/or graph accordingly per slide

You can apply cutom code to your propegation to disable page refresh if desired

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Thanks for the reply @miekwave! I ended up doing another thing.