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Show more elements on hover using interactions


hi just wondering the process to create the following simple hover effect. want to recreate the 'our work' section.

currently i have a sec, with a four column row. in each col is an image. when the user hovers their cursor over any image the hover interaction comes into play, just like the above example.

really want i am looking for is a video tut on example #5 on the site.
any chance u guys are going to do one???



I would also ask for the same thing....for me even a simple reply with the steps taken for example 5 would be very helpfull


Hello @Amreet_Gill and @nick ,

I will be adding a tutorial video for Example 5 sometime this week!

However, you might also be able to solve your problem with something like this instead:

I'll send an update when I've posted Example 5!

Thanks again,




Any chance you could post the preview link for the tutorial you posted above??

I say this because i am trying to replicate the layout on my site.
Have a look at the link below, and see if u can figure out how to close the gap between the first and second row images in the event section of my site.


Hello @Amreet_Gill

Your scenario is slightly different. But the gap in your images is due to the size of the container, you currently have the height set to 400px. Another option I would suggests is in this case, is not using background images but instead dragging in an actual image element. Does that make sense? I can go in to more detail on this if you would like by sending a support request to support[at]webflow[dot]com.





Hi Mat i sent you two emails regarding this issue. Please disregard the first one, i have made some additions since i sent that one, please just read the second one.