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Show search term on search result page

Hey hive,

I am looking for a way to display the search term that a user enters in Site Search on the results page.
Example: User searches for “Weddings” and on the results page should be the text “Results for Weddings”.

I have already found 2 posts in the forum, unfortunately both are unanswered and thus unsolved. Very depressing.

Since this little thing is a big UX thing, I hope that someone has an idea to make it happen.
Maybe you, @vincent, know a workaround for this?

Hopefully - Dennis from Vibrand Design

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Check what I did on my site, I’m using the field to complete a sentence. I could have styled the field with no background and padding so it could look exactly like a normal sentence, but I chose the in between way of keeping the field recognisable, for a better usability. But I’m sure you can do it and add a new blanck search field to the page.

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Many thanks @vincent, I can rely on you!
This solution is of course also very charming, especially in terms of usability. Thanks for the food for thought!

Can you still think of a solution how to display the text outside the search field?

Nope :slight_smile: You can probably make the search field look like exactly the text. And add another search field to be used by the visitor.