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Show variant product in a collection list

I’d like to display a variant product in a collection list but I cannot because the fields of a variant product are very limited, so I can’t do it using filters.
I have one variant product and I want to display the variant on my homepage.

Here is my read only link : Webflow - Richard Winery

Thank you for your help !!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Would it be a problem to set that variant as the default item?

Yes because my default product is already displayed upper on my homepage

You might try adding another element for the product variant and then auto selecting the variant you want to display (I’m not sure it would be possible without custom code).

Could you please explain how to do it with custom code ?

Without I think it’s not possible.
I can’t choose to display this particular product.
And I cannot do it with a filter because variant products has very few option fields.

Thank you

Maybe a simpler alternative would be to add the variant images as custom fields to your product. If you need a custom code method send me a PM.