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Sign out of all devices feature?

Hey Community,

I normally work on my site at work during my downtime and at home. As you can imagine I forget to sign out from work and have issues signing on and editing my site at home and vice versa.

Is there going to be a sign out of all devices feature in the future? Also, if this feature already exists can someone point me to it? I doubt I’m the only one that has this issue.

Normal behavior: Logged in on machine A at work. Left it on and logged in. Go to machine B. Login. That logs you out of Machine A. I do this all the time. Have multiple machines and offices.

Does this not work for you?

Sometimes it doesn’t work and I was getting this weird observation mode error today that I thought was attributed to being signed in on multiple devices, but I’m realizing that a lot of other people have been getting the same error today.

Definitely not an error attributed to being signed in on multiple devices. Still having the issue and it’s ongoing since about 4pm today. I only have one device I work on.

Hmmm… I wonder what’s going on then.