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Simple column alignment?


Anyone have a simple solution to fixing my 6 col grid with a photo on top and a heading below?

All photos are the same size, but on the phone view (of 3 cols) a longer length heading will push down on the photo below misaligning the next 3 photos (the remaining photos from the 6 columns).


You can create a class for the columns and set a height of 250px starting in mobile landscape.


Thanks mbrannon. Not to sound unappreciative, but I was hoping to find something more 'dynamic', where I can avoid a static height.


For sure. I would wrap three columns each in two row divs. The Webflow column CSS settings are mainly greyed out to ensure the toggles in the Settings pane work properly. I would create the container/row/column divs from scratch and style them accordingly.

Here's a quick 90-second video:


Exactly! Thanks so much for that!


Great--no problem. This is one area where flexboxes will be tremendously useful. From my understanding, the Webflow team is currently working on flexbox implementation.

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