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Simple Datepicker [100% Working]

Hello, this worked great!

One question… does anyone know how to disable the mobile keyboard from popping up when the input field is tapped?

It has to be an easy fix LOL. I just can’t seem to find it =).

Why not only embed a input field with type=“date”… And then you can just add the class normally

I stumbled across a solution that works… Add a custom attribute inputmode=“none”

Hi @kevin.fogarty,
Thank you so much for this code.
I also had the same issues as @Dorian_Harris but once I changed the Class of both input fields to “datepicker” everything worked. :slight_smile:

Hi @kevin.fogarty ,

How can we change the date format to display as DD-MM-YYYY ?

At the moment it shows MM-DD-YYYY


Thank you. :webflow_heart:

Takr a look here

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It worked. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Flowbase: amazing source of tips and tricks @Thomas_92! Love it!
What about the different language options at the site? Is that done via some Javascript or did you do the hard work? :slight_smile:

Hey @StevenP!

Thanks for the kind words. The translation is using a tool called Weglot.

We have a guide that covers using it, however, it is a paid service -

Hope that helps

@smileyphotobooths Where did you put this custom attribute? Can you share your code? Thanks!