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Simple layout .. how make a simple 3 piece layout?


Good day all,

I am new to this... glad i found this ....

I am trying to make a site with a header... content area and footer.. just those 3.

But how can i do this ? I have looked at some of the tutorials.... i have added in the navbar and 2 other sections.. one for my contain and the other for the footer... but how do i force the last section to be my footer and force the contain section to fill up the gap between the navbar and footer ??

Please help


Welcome to the community! smile

to help the community help you, can you supply us with your project's read-only link?

here is how to do that:


This is as far as i have gotten...


you're already on the right track. Just keep filling up your "MidContent" section with content. This will naturally push down your footer.



Ok... i will try that... i was hoping if there was some way i can just set the footer to be bottom directly..


if you want your footer to be "sticky", you can set it to these settings:

but, FYI - it will overlay other layers. But go ahead and play around with it smile

good luck, have fun

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