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Site crash when loading on mobile and tablet

Hi everybody,

My site crashes in the middle of the page scroll on mobile and tablet … Arrived on the “streamline payments” part, the page goes blank and the site crashes. I reduced the size of the images to the maximum (2mb in total), I do not understand where the problem comes from?

The site is published on 2 domains and has the same problem on 2 : and

If someone could help me it would be great :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks !

Here is my site Read-Only:

What devices / browsers does this issue occur on?

iPhone, iPad and Safari, Chrome :disappointed_relieved: I didn’t test the others (Android)

Can’t duplicate your issue. The variable could be network connectivity. Either local to you or upstream.

When I get to the “strealine payments” part, the page goes blank and gives me an error message, the page refreshes. This happens on several mobiles / tablets with different connections (different cities). You can see attached how it appears.

This is with cache disabled and a reload.

This is what happens on iphone and chrome. This also happens on ipad and other browsers for mobile and tablet.

I would duplicate the home page then test by removing the tabs component to see if that is the source. I would also convert the grid to flex since there is no need for Grid in that section. Test and see if the issue persists or not. I was able to crash chrome on IOS at that point.

Unfortunately, when I delete the tab part, it does not change anything, the page still crashes at this level. I also changed the grid to flex and the site is still not working.

Try deleting that details section and testing. I would be quite a bit of work for me to duplicate the site on another platform then run tests.

It is definitely odd behavior. You could open a trouble ticket as an alternative.

Thank you for your help. The problem came from the background of the lower part, by changing it the problem was solved.